Domaine Tua Rita

In 1984, Rita and Virgilio made their lifelong dream come true by purchasing the property that became Tua Rita. The landscape and buildings of this property were a simple setting for living in contact with nature while cultivating their beloved land. Their overwhelming passion for wine actually changed their plans. The two hectares of original vines have been meticulously cultivated from the start, this rigorous and passionate care has placed Tua Rita among the most successful producers labeled "garage wines". In less than a decade, they expanded the property to nine hectares, then to twenty; today, all the vines planted include thirty hectares. The growth has been stimulated by the constant enthusiasm of Rita and Virgilio and by an ever greater awareness of the potential of this area in the region, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Metallifere Hill, known as Val di Cornia. On the one hand, the estate and the cellar have continued to develop thanks to the extreme commitment of Rita and Virgilio. On the other hand, thanks to Stefano Frascolla, married to Simena, the owner's daughter, the notoriety of the cellar is growing rapidly. Simena also became involved in the family business after Virgilio's death in 2010. The domain name derives from the inversion of Rita Tua's first and last name.