Domaine Emmanuel Rouget

It is impossible to talk about the Emmanuel Rouget estate without mentioning Henri Jayer. Emmanuel Rouget, the current owner, is none other than the nephew of the legendary Burgundy winegrower, who largely contributed to the creation of the estate before entrusting it to him. First sharecropper in Vosne-Romanée for Madame Noirot-Camuzet, then owner of the land, Henri Jayer took over the management of the vineyard as well as the vinification of Cros Parantoux from 1945, in exchange for half of the harvest. He will gradually buy back shares in the vineyard and become the majority. He produced his first 100% Cros Parantoux wines from 1978. Today, the Jayer family owns 0.715 ha of Cros Parantoux, and the Méo-Camuzet estate the remaining 0.295 ha. Henri Jayer's wines quickly become an essential reference in Côtes-de-Nuit. Forced to retire, Henri Jayer began to delegate the management of his estate from 1996 and produced his last vintage in 2001. Date on which his nephew Emmanuel Rouget took full charge of the famous Cros Parantoux. Henri Jayer died in 2006. Emmanuel Rouget studied in 1979 with the famous Henri Jayer, his uncle. In 1985, the nephew produced his first wine, before gradually taking over the vines of the emblematic winegrower of Vosne-Romanée, who died in 2006 - including the famous Cros Parantoux. The cultivation methods are those learned in contact with it: short pruning and reasonable yields. In the cellar, respect for healthy grapes, without excess maturity, is paramount in order to preserve the freshness and acidity of the Pinot. Emmanuel Rouget is undoubtedly the only true heir to the Jayer style, this search for fine, elegant and racy wines, with intense fruitiness and whose complexity grows over time. For fifteen years now, he has been maturing longer on the lees, without racking. The wines have gained in thickness and depth what they may have lost in spontaneity.