Castello Di Ama

Castello di Ama is a small hamlet in Tuscany that has restored Chianti Classico to its former glory thanks to the work of Marco Pallanti, today you can find 4 Chianti Classico: the first version, the 'Ama', then the 'Castello di Ama Riserva' (known as Gran Selezione San Lorenzo since 2010) and the two crus Bellavista and Casuccia. For more than 500 years, the inhabitants of this hamlet have exploited its vineyard of nearly 80 hectares today, to showcase their magnificent production. It is currently a couple, Lorenza Sebasti and Marco Pallanti who decided to make it an exceptional product. Their know-how has given international recognition to their Chianti Classico. In 2005, the estate was even elected "the most beautiful estate of the year" by the Italian magazine "Gambero Rosso". In the range, you can find other Italian wines such as "l'Apparita", a pure merlot which owes its name to a vineyard in the hamlet. They have been able to develop and diversify with two new vintages : the Haiku, a blend of merlot, cabernet frand and sangiovese and the Il Chiuso, a blend of pinot noir and sangiovese. Chardonnay, which is very well known in our beautiful region of Burgundy, is now also grown here and you can find it under the name "Al Poggio". If you are a lover of Tuscan wines and prestigious wines, Vin Santo will meet all your expectations.