Domaine Leflaive

The history of this emblematic Puligny-Montrachet estate dates back to the time of the Regency in 1717 and to Claude Leflaive. But it was only with Joseph Leflaive (1870-1953) that the estate truly entered the firmament of great Burgundy wines. This polytechnician, who participated in the invention of the first French submarine, decided to concentrate on viticulture and, from 1920, launched an ambitious program to replant his vineyard devastated by phylloxera. Its wine is gaining in quality, and Leflaive quickly becomes a benchmark in Burgundy. The next generation, notably carried by his two sons Jo and Vincent, continues this momentum and gives the wines international renown. Currently run by the third generation, the estate has been converted to biodynamics in 1997. Today, Puligny-Montrachet, Bâtard-Montrachet and other Chevalier-Montrachet from the Leflaive estate have become a must for lovers of great Burgundy wines.